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Since its founding in 1920, Chosun Ilbo has been at the forefront of cultural projects as Korea's best media company, both in name and reality.  


The Chosun Ilbo has taken 'culture construction' as its corporate philosophy and has promoted projects in various fields such as exhibitions, performances, sports, public interest, and awards.


In particular, we are focusing on expanding exhibition/art-related businesses in the 2020s. We are steadily expanding the scope of our business operations by collaborating with various agencies with expertise and hosting and sponsoring blockbuster exhibitions.


Chosun Media Group is a media outlet with the largest audience in Korea, regardless of age and class.


Over the course of more than 100 years, it has grown into a comprehensive media group that exerts overwhelming influence through various media such as newspapers, broadcasting, Internet, and mobile. 


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•Publicity through Chosun Ilbo, Korea's largest daily newspaper  
•Pre-event coverage (including planning articles and interviews with event organizers) 
• Publication of event-related content on various topics


•Promote with Chosun Ilbo Affiliates 
•Event banner exposure on and app push notification ads 
•Organize reader invitation events through Chosun Members 
•Publishing articles in Monthly Chosun, Weekly Chosun, Children's Chosun, Women's Chosun, etc.

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• News coverage and advertisement on TV Chosun, Korea's largest comprehensive news channel 
• Promotion through Chosunilbo's YouTube channel (1.47 million subscribers) and social media channels 
• Promotion on large billboards owned by Chosunilbo (Seoul, Busan, etc.)

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